Spetsnaz Self defense in real fight, knife fight Maxim Novoselov Russian Martial Art master



27 thoughts on “Spetsnaz Self defense in real fight, knife fight Maxim Novoselov Russian Martial Art master

  1. HunterXHunterIsUniversalConspiracyTheory says:

    2:593:03 and 3:083:12 are most insane stuff the whole video. Fucking how? That aint a butterfly switchblade, how he doing that shit with a regular knife? You cant find anyone that even sniffs that level of skill with a regular knife on youtube. The reason he does that with the knife and with the axes is to make his strike unpredictable cause all that matters in a fight to the death is inertial movement and unpredictability. Everytime the knife or ax spins is a time he can grab it and toss it at an enemy without the enemy expecting it, its like slight of hand. You steal a candybar by grabbing a candybar, putting it in your pocket, pulling out your phone while leaving the candybar in the pocket then faking like you got a text, then puttin you phone back in your pocket and walking out the store, you can literally do it right in front of the store manager and they will have absolutely no idea you are stealing the candybar just like if you fought a spetsnaz assassin youd have no idea when you were already dead. The spinning knives and axes are to apply the slight of hand to ax throwing and knife throwing/fighting. You throw an ax and knife underhanded and enemy never expects it, you fight someone that knows about knife throws from the underhand thats when you pull out the spetsnaz knife moves with a triple spinning sidearm knife throw lol. You never see full speed systema fight cause itll either kill or break limbs so you gotta look else where for examples of legendary warriors that both understood inertial movement fighting. The two best examples I can find are Thors vs Askaladd in vinland saga(askaladd knew exactly how to be unpredictable), spike vs eds dad in cowboy beebop(eds dad being far superior at it then spike), Guts vs Zodd on hill of swords in berserk, the rogue character in warcraft movie vs the giant orcs.

  2. Kurt Unger says:

    So you know that star on your shirt is the sign of communism…you know the favorite symbol of dictators and your run of the mill mass murderers and your generic oppressor of freedom…you know right up there with the Nazi swastika…classy wardrobe choice dumbass.

  3. noizetwo says:

    Anyone if he was ready for this would shot seeing this big guy making any movem just shoot 2 in the chest 1 in the head, besic USA police protocol, and I'm not even from US, it's survival

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