29 thoughts on “Spetsnaz Knife Fighting Techniques.

  1. wurblewurble says:

    I read an FAQ somewhere where this guy says that their unit got training from some Chinese martial arts instructors. If a Spetsnaz guy is actually in a knife fight he's fucked up a dozen times already, so there's no guarantee that even if it's genuine military knife training that it's any good.

  2. Robert Farrish says:

    everyone's a fucking expert these days, no matter where you go. i guess watching a video online now has turned into a big pissing contest. nobody gives a shit about your "training and "Historical European" " combat bullshit. do you really think that all that unnecessary bullshit is going to make that comment sink in deeper? he doesnt give a shit. honestly.

  3. Pavel Dvorak says:

    @XDerWaechterX you think so, just because he looks crazy? Musado is learning similar techniques… he have knife and you will not get any closer without injuries mate. And you can do Krav Maga or Muai Thai or Aikido. Believe me, he can be very hard opponent. And if you are practicing so often – don't under-estimate and look better.

  4. spongyjakester says:

    theres all of these fighting tehquniques with fancy knives but the best thing to do is buy a simple heavy combat knife and practice fast powerful chops and stabs which take less coordination and are probally more effective

  5. DavidCaines100 says:

    Watching the footwork, He's grounded, fast but grounded , there's a fair amount of gun-fu footwork, but the thrusts and cuts are fast and combative, good follow through, good recovery. It's not what I practice, but I could see this being quite nasty to fight against.

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