Special Forces Tomahawk Fighting – Types of Tomahawks



This is another sample lecture from Rich Hungerford’s Special Forces Tomahawk Fighting DVD. In this lecture Rich explains the difference in design and …

23 thoughts on “Special Forces Tomahawk Fighting – Types of Tomahawks

  1. Victor Waddell says:

    Thanks , Rich . I own a Cold Steel Trail Hawk and an Estwing Hatchet. The Cold Steel Rifleman's Tomahawk is a heavier tool than their Trail Hawk but built for similar purposes . The Estwing hatchet is a classic tool , made of fully forged steel from head to pommel . The classic version sports a stacked leather washer handle similar to the KaBar fighting/utility knife of USMC fame . Estwing hatchets , axes , and hammers now come with handles of molded rubber type materials . But the stacked leather washer handles are still available in stores such as Lowes and Home Depot for around 40 US Dollars . Give me a shout and I can send you an Estwing hatchet , Gratis . That Fiskars hatchet you didplayed is a clubby blunt piece of kit compared to an Estwing . Cheers , Mate !

  2. Doug Beatty says:

    Thanks for showing the OG Vietnam Tomahawk. As a boy scout in the mid seventies I had to buck logs for the fire more than once with one. It's owner, son of a Colonel who served in 'nam, liked to take my hatchet and leave me with that hawk. Your analysis of it for woodcraft is spot on imho.

  3. pandacommanda1 says:

    Hi great video, I'm wondering where do you source these tomahawk techniques? Is it something you've developed on your own, is it police baton techniques transferred over to using a tomahawk? or is it based on Kali's and Silat's Wasay techniques?

  4. Jesse Breen says:

    hey mate your powers of mind reading are amazing,i was going to email you asking for this very information,thanks once again for you,your information and your excellent website[?],regards

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