Special Forces Knife Combat

The bottom line practice the 12 striking techniques shown in this vid! It takes many years to become proficient in these moves, however someone who is highly …

14 thoughts on “Special Forces Knife Combat

  1. William O'Connor says:

    The various rolls of the blade, up and down and to side to side, are very well done. Notice the position of the right thumb on the blade to push and to pull as well as the use of the left arm to reinforce the strike and to protect the torso from attack.

  2. wmpyr says:

    @tentigers99 thanx man, yeah, maybe some day I will get a more professional location to film with a better cam. hopefully next year after my current lease expires!

  3. Dylan Burchfiel says:

    you look like the adult version of my friend randy but your tactial /martial arts moves are helpful i got attacked one time and i used some of these moves and i didnt do much harm but it backed them off of me

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