Spears are better than swords: scientific proof

The spear was the most common weapon in ancient battles. There was a reason: spears work. Here, we try out spears against a variety of foes. Support me on …

37 thoughts on “Spears are better than swords: scientific proof

  1. Enric Martinez says:

    Actually, I read / heard that the most important melee weapon of the samurai was the yari, the spear.
    Makes quite a lot of sense as a common simple spear is way cheaper to produce than a sword, specially in a place where iron was scarce or difficult to obtain like Japan.

  2. I-Ta Lu says:

    Spears>sword in militaries. They are cheap and fast to produce, works much better in tight formations, and works better for front/liners to act as "meatshields" forcing opponents back while cavalries/whatever else clean up. They also require very little training as you simply point the sticky end at people and thrust. If you miss, well, you've got five buddies poking at the guy too. Spears/Halberds/Polearms are heavily romaticized in Chinese culture and historical warfare tho, so you might have a better shot looking into those

  3. Ivy says:

    This is not scientific proof as you need two almost equally skilled ppl, best configuaration for both, not arming sword with nothing vs spear but arming sword with a good large shield vs a spear or spear with a shield (depending if you want to use both hands). Repeat the same match 20-30 times with the same two ppl (swapping sides) not random ppl and random setups. This is close to a scientific proof not just manipulation of the viewer by wishful thinking.

  4. Daniel Prendergast says:

    There is something archetypica about swords…the capture your imagination as a kid. they captured the imagination of people in medieval/ancient times who knew swords were just side weapons, but still revered it more. i dont know why. i guess it's just a timeless aesthetic.

  5. max Payne says:

    What you do isn't really scientific proof the variety of situations in combat, training of troops the proper use of shields by a group of sword carrying soldiers to close and take advantage of the swords ability to work close in. Seems there are a lot of variables to consider.

  6. Golden Maximo says:

    Good video but…. Plate armor!

    Specifically 15th's Century Gothic Full Plate Armor. Wearing that plus a sword anyone would fuck up an Spearmean, even if the longstick fanboy were too wearing plate, seeing murderstroke exists.

  7. M says:

    if you have full size shield, spear is pretty useless easy win, btw you dont know how to hold those shields, they must be fixed to your forearm.. my god

    spears are for horses.. -_-

  8. Kesoube says:

    Those swords used in the video look flimsy. The swordsmen weren't even able to deflect the spears when they tried and instead the sword swayed like a piece of cardboard. If they were able to properly put force when deflecting the staff, wouldn't they have enough time to rush in and do a proper stab or slash. They should have used harder weapons with similar weight for testing.

    I think this video only shows that the spear is a weapon for the masses while a sword needs to be in the hands of a professional. I'm not denying that a person can be great with a spear but I don't think sword users in medieval times were looked up to for no reason. At a higher level, swords may be better than a spear.

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