11 thoughts on “Spartan Blades: Difensa Knife Review

  1. David A. Moore says:

    "…a pure vanity purchase!" ~ Yes, been there.., done that. Those Spartan blades are Works of Art. Especially if you're a Blade/Knife/Sword Lover like me! I'm looking at their Horkos blade ($330-ish) or the C. REEVE "Pacific" (same cost, about – $320 @ Blade HQ). Dude.., that's a TRULY SWEET BLADE ~ CONGRATS!!

  2. DV8EDD says:

    Great life, congrats sir. Expensive but should hold up for a lifetime. They (Spartan) told me I should sharpen mine often with a diamond sharpener. Otherwise its tough to get an edge back because of how strong the metal is. My little Enyo seemed to get a tad dull after some moderate use.

  3. skyclad says:

    the grip on your knife seems very similar to the grip on my chris reeve pacific, which is also a harsey design. if it does have the same ergos i will testify to the comfort of the grip and usability of it.

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