Sparring but if I LOSE I Get Whipped by Icy Mike | Hard2Hurt



If you want your own Stinger Tactical Whip, here’s a link! I bet Icy Mike from Hard2Hurt that if he hit me with a double punch, which is from …

29 thoughts on “Sparring but if I LOSE I Get Whipped by Icy Mike | Hard2Hurt

  1. Luke Schwarz says:

    Reminds me of why I hated sabre fencing against lefties. I prefer thrusts over cuts (a straight line is faster than an arc), but when I missed against lefties, it exposed my whole back, and they would just slam down with their sabre, which even through the kevlar left marks and sometimes caused bleeding. I'd go home looking like I'd been scourged.

  2. troydiamond says:

    i feel like the thinner one would hurt more? i mean, the thicker the cable, the more it moves from being a whip to something like a blunt weapon, no? especially if you are going easy.

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