37 thoughts on “South African Underground Stick-Fighting

  1. Akhona Nyama says:

    All of you are LIARS.these are not zulus.these are xhosas the race of Mandela .they protect themselves with another sticks and cover their left hand with a jacket or jersey.unlike zulus they use shield for protection in stick fighting.you must make a research and stop being stupid idiots.

  2. Raziel says:

    عشان كذا الغرب أستعبدكم …لعبكم همجي زي المزمار اللي جابوه الأحباش معكم

    الله لا يبلانا

  3. Machabe Leloka says:

    The guy with the sunglasses at the beginning of this video looks like Vuysile Dyolotana. I've seen his chipped front incisors on another video about Nguni stick fighting uploaded by Trans World Sport. That guy is a promoter and visionary pioneer of the popularity and recognition of the sport, and whether he notices or not, his chipped teeth would serve as one of his trademark "scars" he got from some of his Nguni battles and as representation of and association with the spirit and reputation of the African tradition of Nguni stick fighting

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