something ALL ‘Knife Fighters’ MUST See!!! TRAIN 4 REALITY

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22 thoughts on “something ALL ‘Knife Fighters’ MUST See!!! TRAIN 4 REALITY

  1. howaboutthatsuckah says:

    I see so many vids on youtube that are about waving your hands about and always going through some kind of flow, and everytime the other guy is of course not attempting to get the upper hand. It's nice to see someone address that like you do, telling people that perfect flow and technique won't be present in real life and that you need to be aggressive when defending yourself.

    Youtube has too many flashy gimmick guru's that defend themselves by moving their arms around in circular motions while slapping their opponents, who are next to inanimate in their actions. At least you have thought about what might actually go down in a real fight.

  2. andyzoi says:

    Nice videos! I had the luck of training with martial artists who had experience in knife tactics and experience. I believe that in the end the conclusions are the same regardless of the system. Don't mess with knife attackers especially when they know how to use them and have great skills. I am always at great disadvantage when i am unarmed against an armed enemy.

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