Some sparring at SG1 with Cold Steel Bowie knife simulators

Our first time sparring with the Cold Steel Bowies. They don’t really hit hard at all, if you wear full sabre fencing gear. In fact we found the gloves maybe a bit too …

29 thoughts on “Some sparring at SG1 with Cold Steel Bowie knife simulators

  1. James Bruce says:

    Matt, I've found less than a handful of sources surrounding Bowie fighting. Not all are necessarily useful and some resemble Hollywood scripts rather than a fighting manual. Do you know of any more contemporary sources on the topic?

  2. BanIF Forever says:

    Figured i'd leave my two cents here. I really appreciate the realism. What so many critics of this sort of combat do not understand is that you cannot compare point fighting to this. The weapons being emulated are sharp and have alot of heft. I think too many guys hate the fact that they can't precisely get a hit and then get out of the way so they dub it "point fighting" or "tap fight". It's alot like a tapout in MMA– The guy can get right back up and fight a world title match most likely but he would have been broken had he not. Again, not comparable– A blade is a blade, not a fist or a foot. Just my opinion. Theres way too much emphasis people put on strenth of attacks too. "you barely hit me.." Yah, well– a person is made of flesh– Hand shots are devastating and most guys that spar this way– well in many circles have omitted them. If you're going for my head before you go for my arm or hand, then you might not get there, because i'm going to protect my head quite viciously. Anyone would. In SCA, they act like if you don't hit them hard enough in the head, that it doesnt count– yet they wear 30-50 lb helmets, LOL– for the love of "insert name here". This one dude i met told me "Man i really find that way you fight complex but i'd never let you do it. I'd just ram at you with my shield." So again… What happens if you get ina fight with a weapon and don't have a car door to wield? Back to my point. It's a STEEL HELMET– haha– Of course you didn't feel it, but try wearing a hema helmet, or not a single one for that matter. would it really take more than a slight bonk to make a big guy cry?– The bottom line is that they never would and yet would talk all day about how powerful their shots are. A blade is a blade, not a hammer. I apologize if this appeared long winded but i feel that so many martial artists rape their art by taking it into a competitive means. Take care.

  3. Spartacus Antipas says:

    This is more realistic knife sparring. Jail house rush & grab is the street version of a fight but that's with a poker not a bowie. Only idiots rush in to attack a bowie knife fighter. The strength of the Bowie attack is the weight and size of the blade making a one strike slash and/or stab  devastating and fight ender not a 'casual' cut

  4. Saidin says:

    Hey, I am trying to find people in my area to start a HEMA club, and am wondering if you have any advice?
    I have posted on the HEMA Alliance forums, and plan to on the Sword Forum. Where else would be a good place to go?
    I live in the UK.
    Thanks, and keep up the good work!

  5. cygil1 says:

    I'm watching this, and I'm thinking that when I go down to the comments, there will be two idiots that won't be able to shut up about the girl. "OMG! A girl! A girl! With real boobs and legs and other bits! An actual girl! At a HEMA club!"

    Sure enough….

  6. danhodg1 says:

    Hey Matt, were you using techniques from a manual from the period that Bowie knives were used or something different that fit well with the use of large knives?

  7. Apocalyptic Knights says:

    Hey Matt, nice sparring! If I may be so bold, some comments/suggestions:
    Your sword technique clearly helps you a lot in footwork and striking. However, one thing which is very different is that in knife fighting you should retract your knife when your opponent attacks your hand, and if possible try to get his while he does so. Other than that I enjoyed that sparring and look forward to some more in the future. Unlike with a sword, parrying a knife is really hard, so withdrawing the hand is a much better choice in my opinion, and it also spring-loads your hand for a counterstrike at the same time.

  8. runkurgan says:

    Why are you using them like little swords? These are knives, the fight style should differ! Also I do think that you should practice with reverse grip and switch your guard to left foot in front. 

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