SOG Tactical Tomahawk

I got this awesome new SOG Tactical Tomahawk for Christmas. I try to show the features of the SOG Tomahawk and why it’s a good tool to have around. Check it …

31 thoughts on “SOG Tactical Tomahawk

  1. Jake Brooks says:

    his dick was cut off shortly after this video due to his flimsy wrist technique ..but he's now happy as a women back to playing video games instead of reviewing the weapons seen on them

  2. Old Man Arthur says:

    The spike on the end is to Puncture Helmets, not dig holes.  It is hard to effectively cut wood because it is a Weapon.  If you want a camping tool, I suggest that you get a "Camp Axe".  (do a search)  That "hammer" on the side is worthless, a real Axe has a hammer on the back.  A "Tomahawk" is a Weapon.  An "Axe" is a Tool.  I hope that clears things up for you.
    Oh… and if you want to carry a "legal" Tomahawk… Just buy a Roofing Hammer (axe).  You can carry that on a belt ring and say that you are a Roofer.  Simple.  Carrying a Tactical Tomahawk, or a Combat Knife, or any other weapon means that you are looking for trouble. 

  3. Dranksta says:

    Bad tool , worse demonstration… curling your wrist while chopping is a common mistake. My wrist hurts just watching you hack at wood. Look at all those loose bites.

  4. papa schiff says:

    Let's call it what it is, this is a TACTICAL tomahawk, this is a weapon that became a tool that became weaponized again, the og tomahawk was in fact a weapon, it eventually became looked upon as a tool, this SOG is a weapon, that pick though useful for digging is meant for breaching and meant to punch through some personal armor and bone (skulls)

  5. The Dude says:

    Well first it's not meant for wood ! It is a weapon not a hatchet. By weapon I mean its for attack not chopping hence the name TACTICAL, as in to do bodily injury not for camping. Tomahawk is a weapon if you want to cut wood then use a hatchet or an axe. It's balanced so it can be thrown in an offensive manner. Or target practice. The spike is meant to breach or impale into a body aka a person. Not meant to cut firewood but to inflict harm to a person… FYI

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