SOCP Video

A brief introduction to the course.

7 thoughts on “SOCP Video

  1. azraelangelofred says:

    I'm so proud that the Army Rangers and Special Forces told Matt Larsen and his bullshit MACP (Alias: "Really bad White Belt Jiu-Jitsu"/"Like MMA but bullshit") to go fuck themselves and developed a FAR SUPERIOR form of hand to hand combat.

  2. MeisterJager90 says:

    I love the prac app in the kill house, in the Marine Corps MCMAP was just a check in the box, this stuff looks like it isn't a waste of time to learn, I'm just kinda curious how well it's retained. I've had a socp dagger in my chest rig for a couple years for the very situation that soldier fighting on his back was in

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