27 thoughts on “SOCP Dagger

  1. Salad Tongs says:

    Are people crying about 90 bucks? That's what a good blade costs, and Benchmade is top notch. I have a Benchmade Griptilian that I got 7 years ago before my first tour. Carry it and use it every single day, including 3 combat tours, still gets razor blade sharp. You get what you pay for when it comes to knives.

  2. craigdamage says:

    Finally….FINALLY someone who understands the true dynamics of CQB. This vid is so much more than just a product review. Superb product no doubt but this demonstration illustrates the importance of getting a weapon "IN TO BATTERY" quickly with less effort. Too many idiots have this delusional idea that in a self-defense lethal force encounter that they will somehow know in advance and clearly see the target approach from a distance. WRONG. An aggressor could be on you in an instant!

  3. PowerMadHeadBanger says:

    It's a wonderful design. I can't find one flaw in this design. It's lightweight, it's has good retention, it has good piercing ability, it's discrete meaning other people and perps won't even know it's a knife, it allows to be carry inside the waistband, outside the waistband, on your pocket, on your boot, on your molle vest, around your neck. The only thing I don't like is the steel. The steel is not compatible with the price. The steel should be better or the price come down to lets say $50.

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