Social Experiment – Testing Men’s Ability to Defend against a Knife

48 thoughts on “Social Experiment – Testing Men’s Ability to Defend against a Knife

  1. Keni Lynch says:

    Yeah, but this was a weird example. I mean, if the attacker wanted the watch, Nick was ready to give it to him, so he started taking it off. However, this attacker appears to be a psycho or at least one who is interested in second intentions, as if what he really wanted to do was stab Nick in the first place. We should ask: "Why didn't he just do that? Well, maybe he asked for the watch because what he really wanted was neither the watch nor a kill but to see Nick suffer as he killed him… OK, so now this explains why he is attacking frontally. We also have to assume that this is taking place in a particular place, that it is likely in a dark alleyway (where there can be few witnesses) or in a state well known for daylight robberies (i.e a dangerous environment). It makes little sense to use this knife defense as a generic case study, unless other studies show that stabbings (rather than shootings, rapes, or assaults with other deadly weapons occur on a regular basis in our locality). To begin to assume that everyone who has his hand behind his back is holding some kind of weapon and wants to kill us (while it is the worst case scenario) is most probably untrue. Such fear-based training could lead to paranoia on the part of the defender, making for a less-than-optimal quality of life.

  2. Stinky WeaselTeats says:

    the thing about knife defense… you'll likely be cut.
    defend against the stab.

    Situational awareness is trying to keep people from approaching you like that any way.. tho it's not always practical.

  3. Jan Szalke says:

    Lots of bullcrap, try to run away at all cost. Life isn't slow motion you won't have enough reflexes to do this bullshit he shows. It's better to try to runaway, because usually when someone attacks you with a knife it's not a completely random place. Said someone doesn't want anyone to see this shit, if you run away the attacker might as well think that it's not worth to chase you because both of you will end up in a completely different place where he no longer has enough control to straight up kill your ass.

    The guy with a knife acts like a complete dumbass. If you want to hurt someone you could just swing knife around. There is no need for stabs. There is no reason for the attacker to come so close to the victim. Just swing your damn knife, noone in their right mind will even try to catch your hand, orrrrr they will just lose their hand. It's fiction. Get over it.

  4. Kale Serpent says:

    did the "Crook" even show the weapon to the guy? I mean C'mon, there's typically a hold up, a moment of "GIMME YOUR WALLET OR ELSE FORCE" The kid was going for the watch because that's what the guy wanted. and the "Crook" just stabbed him for no reason.

    IF The crook wanted the watch and was prepared to stab the guy he would have stabbed, nabbed the watch and gone. typically the crook is mission focused though, and wants to use minimal amount of force to get what they want. typically that would mean it would be advantageous to show the weapon, and make a big deal about "If you don't want to get stabbed, your watch. now"

    I think this video is stupid, Funker Tactical made it clear that running IS the best option, Or complacency until a moment of resistance presents itself and the kid was following that… but yet Channel creator forces into a fight, AND uses force when the moment seems unreasonable to. the big guy got what he wanted, hadn't even yet shown that he was armed, and then just stabbed the kid.

  5. Taterz says:

    if TV has taught me anything, then it's that from Burn Notice you should control the knife hand. of course that's hard to do with no experience, but it's better than nothing. i won't be getting into a knife fight to prove it though.

  6. James Moore says:

    Fact of the matter is that if they are just going to kill you there is little to do to stop them. If they try to mug you, then they'll show you the knife and intimidate you. That means that they'd prefer not to kill you, and I'm that situation, you can do something. But without warning? Nothing to do but focus on where you want to get cut, because you will get cut.

  7. WhateverProduction4 says:

    Skinny dude, looks over at jacked dude, that easily outweighs him in muscle by at least 100lbs…….and his first instinct is, "I dunno, tackle him." 0_o 0_0 My favorite thing EVER in a fight, is when the other person ignorantly attempts to spear or tackle.

  8. stone wall says:

    give him the watch the wallet ,and get away ,don't fuck around ,1 dab of a knife and ur life is ebbing away like when you puncture a car tyre with something ,that is how quick you're life can last ,never stand and fight with a guy that has a knife about a lousy watch or wallet , diffuse it using your voice and phycology, get out of the danger zone ,take your wallet out step back throws it down and get away , you only use those fucked up tactics that don't really work anyway unless he is attacking you and endangering you ,yes by all means then it is a fight to the death and a fight for you're life,try to grab something to shield you or as a weapon a dust bin a chair anything you can get your hands on ,this Rambo stuff don't work it's total bs ,I can't believe this guy teaching this bs ,he will get people killed

  9. Ronin228 says:

    If a big dude in a tank top walks up to me with his arm behind his back, he's going to see my 40 caliber friend pretty quickly. Keep advancing, welp…

  10. AlwaysReason says:

    "You can't run" – why can't he run? Running is the exact correct instinct and should be supported 100%. It's extremely hard to keep people from running, if they really really mean to run. So, why can't he run?

  11. nitesh pillai says:

    Defense against knife is Stick or any long range weapon, could be umbrella, fullsized newspaper rolled up tight, a bikers helmet if you are a rider.. Honestly knife against barehands is a losing scenario will definitely get u cut badly, if not killed! If there is a 1 in a million chance, and worst case scenario, try your best to knock out the attacker with a punch to the head or palm strike to the ear.. (that's the worst case).

  12. Appolyon99 says:

    One thing I never see anyone do is instruct them to go for the knee or shin. If the guy's got a knife he's gonna be more focused on your hands and upper body. I'm not talking about any martial arts training just try to buckle the knee. If he's stepping forward go for the knee he's got more weight on then either hit it dead on or at an angle.

  13. Chris Pretorius says:

    it is totally possible to defend yourself against a knife without retreating but the most important aspect of it is your speed and reflexes if you practice disarming a knife oftenly your will get good enough to easily take a knife from these low life assholes running around the street. although i totally agree if you can avoid a knife fight then you s
    hould do it

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