Smith & Wesson SPECM Knife: Pricey, Cool

T6061 aluminum handle with grip inserts. Stainless 4034 tanto plain blade with dual thumb-studs and “auto” flipper. Includes pocket clip and safety. Link to buy …

17 thoughts on “Smith & Wesson SPECM Knife: Pricey, Cool

  1. Phil Vaughan says:

    I have used this knife every day for the last couple months and had zero problems. I have even dropped it point first on a concrete floor without damaging the blade. May not be the greatest steel, but its strong and i havn't needed to sharpen yet.

  2. nzullo says:

    Problems I've had with this knife- Lots of play in the blade (over a short time), Screws on the clip loosened (Eventually made it impossible to tighten, had to remove the clip), Knife can be extremely hard to open with the "flipper", and the blade would become dull very quickly. I love the magic system but the knife itself is not up to par

  3. sonnydukes says:

    this is a great review… i just got this knife new on ebay for $19.99,, so for that price, it is a great knife… i know its not a spyderco, or kershaw, but it cost 20 bucks!!

  4. ShockAndOdd says:

    I have the Smith & Wesson SWAT knife, which is basically the same knife except it's not a tanto blade. Same mechanism, same type of steel, same handle. It's lasted for years, it's still incredibly sharp and I've never bothered to sharpen it. I just noticed a screw was missing from the handle but it still feels as solid as if it were carved from a single piece. I figured by now the spring mechanism would be worn out, but it still opens with that sharp, fast "click."

    It's my favorite carry knife.

  5. MonsterHorrorBoy says:

    I bought a S&W knife from an auto parts about 5 years ago and carried it with me everywhere, the one i had then was a POS, but these newer knives seem to be getting better and better. thanks for the review.

  6. ZombieTactics says:

    @Zenmagine Thanks. S&W knives are actually made by "Taylor Brands" … so they aren't really the same company. I should have mentioned this is the review, as I will be careful to do in future S&W knife reviews.

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