Smith & Wesson HRT boot knife review – Tactical dagger



Specifications: Overall length: 23 cm (9 1/8”) Blade length: 12.4 cm (4 7/8”) Weight: 220 g (7.7 oz) Blade material: Stainless steel (440C?) Handle material: …

21 thoughts on “Smith & Wesson HRT boot knife review – Tactical dagger

  1. Tharin Fink says:

    Do some of them come double edged? Mine is single edge (bummer). The model is SWHRT9BF, while the video version is SWHRT9B.
    The Mtech MT-097and Scharade SCHF19L are identical though they both come as double edge on Amazon..

  2. ellohi says:

    I usually use these knives for the Five Finger Fillet Game. It’s a good knife with a good grip so your hand doesn’t slide down it. I prefer this knife but if you wanna cut a finger off, I’d practice first and leave this knife for later

  3. Dallas Stack says:

    I bought this knife this summer and wore it every time i when for a bush walk and today i decided to throw it at wood and it broke in half the 4th throw. so i don't recommend this to anyone.

  4. Money Stewart says:

    Smith & Wesson made it for who ever wants to spend their money on it. A lot of knives are made and sold because people like them not that they plan to ever use it , because many places you can own a double edge blade but not carry them. I had one that's not double edged ,for collection purposes and it's so-so.

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