Smith and Wesson HRT boot knife review



I go into depth with the new smith and Wesson hrt boot knife 4.743inch blade, and 8.843inch over all, well rounded knife for anyone that is in interest in a basic …

34 thoughts on “Smith and Wesson HRT boot knife review

  1. D-Pup Pup says:

    I've owned this knife for years. I wear it quite often on my belt line. Very quick access for grabbing & stabbing, or throwing.
    (hint) This knife actually throws well, & its weight helps it penetrate deeper.

  2. Bob Sullivan says:

    Since the boot knife is a EDC self defense tool, lets look at what it needs to be to solve the immediate problem.
    1…You need to get it into action fast. That means one in EACH boot in a SECURE SHEATH.
    2…It needs to be silent to draw. That means no snapping sound from a kydex sheath releasing the blade. Leather works.
    3…It needs a surface that does not retain fingerprints. Why? Seriously? Friction taped handles are good.
    4…It needs to be cheap enough that you can drop it as you walk away. Not much more than a prison style shiv. Why? Seriously?
    5…Do you really believe its a good idea to have your self defense knife branded with a manufacturer name AND a serial number?
    6…Remember, after you get away from the bad guy, you still have to get away from the law….Why? Seriously?
    I make my own out of carbon fiber that a friend liberated from a old work order at his machine shop. Cheap, light, and functional….And, no, I have never had occasion to pull a knife on anyone. And, no one knows I carry….Anything.
    Want to spend some money on REALLY NICE status symbol knives? OK, check this out if you really must:$2520Fiber

  3. Dallas Stack says:

    I bought this knife this summer and wore it every time i when for a bush walk and today i decided to throw it at wood and it broke in half the 4th throw. so i don't recommend this to anyone.

  4. German Olivares says:

    I have a Smith and Wesson boot knife, a different model, it's really comfortable to carry in the boot because is a little bit smaller and have a plastic sheath.
    I carry it everyday and I love it.

  5. Steve Martin says:

    Arent boot knives meant for boots that are knee height like cowboy boots and the WW2 knee length one that US Rangers etc wore? Having one near your ankle as it articulates cant be much fun.

  6. sapper steve says:

    the reason you can't lace your boot up properly is because you are supposed to wear the sheath on the outside of the boot.
    These knives are actually a copy of the Bundeswehr(German Army) issue boot dagger from the 1980's,which has now been banned in politically correct Europe!

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