Small Fixed Blade Knifes For Self-Defense

A video covering some basic information on a few models of small fixed blade knives, mainly pertaining to how to carry them in relation to self-defense.

11 thoughts on “Small Fixed Blade Knifes For Self-Defense

  1. samuel4zero says:

    Dude this is awesome! Thank you so much for the shoutout and video! I have been extremely busy so was just checking your channel for some vids I may have missed and just saw this. I will be checking out Brian Hoffner like you mentioned. You can call me Sam by the way. Thanks for the video man!

  2. Zachary Kole says:

    in my opinion, knives shouldn't be used for self defense, unless you are really planning on messing someone up. The only practical use of the whole knife is cutting and stabbing. And those  two things are much easier to kill with. Why not use a small Baton or Nightstick to KNOCK him out instead of actually killing a random guy.

  3. Survivalkraft says:

    Very good post! I especially liked the comment at the end to keep the knife in a position where you are the only one who can get to it and use it. Great point! Thanks for the video! I love that Strykar!

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