3 thoughts on “Slasher Course, vid 29c: Don Pentecost’s Book

  1. wcropp1 says:

    (continued) Of course, weapons are simply a type of tool, but you know what I mean–there aren't too many purpose-designed bludgeon or blade-based weapons around these days.

  2. wcropp1 says:

    Good stuff man. Looking forward to the rest of this course and any other stick/empty hand, etc., courses that you post. In my mind, "stick" and "knife" aren't necessarily just a stick and a knife, but they also form the basis for most improvised weapons. Though you can obviously carry a purpose-made baton or knife, you can also easily make use of a shovel/mop/pool cue/pipe/screw driver, etc. Historically, and especially in the modern era, non-firearm weapons are usually re-purposed tools.

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