Slasher Course Lesson IV culmination.

This is the culmination of Lesson IV from the “Slasher” knife fighting course I teach. The total course is comprised of 10 lessons. By the end of Lesson IV the …

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  1. An Drew says:

    I've known individuals whom carry & open their EDC blade and palm it while using a public urinal, walking to their vehicle, exiting their vehicle at night, and even taking out the trash. At home they never answer the door w/out their handgun. If it's family they just place it in waistband under shirt & open door. They take their pistol to their latrine or shower at home in case of home invasion. It's called 'Vigilance'. Proper preparation prevents poor performance.

  2. bae313 says:

    Speaking of opening your eyes to reality, always remember, awareness is your first line of self defense.

    I read a good book by some of his cronies recently, check out "The Little Black Book of Violence".

  3. bae313 says:

    I am well aware of Marc. Very respectable guy with a great understanding and experience in street violence. A little heavy on the drama side, but he is from Cali so I guess that comes with the package.

    Over the years I have learned a lot from him.

  4. bae313 says:

    I am currently filming the entire 10 Lesson "Slasher Course" with a new student. 2morrow we start Lesson 3 which includes the attack angles for the Folsum attack. In Lesson IV we advance basic defenses from Lesson III. In lesson 5 we learn attacking, to include the Folsum attack. Later lessons present empty hand defenses including responses to the Folsum style attack. From there we reload the knife vs knife defenses on a more "Book of Five Rings" perspective.

    Each Lesson is about 4 hours long.

  5. bae313 says:

    The 1st thing to know is that there aren't many properly trained knife fighters out there. It takes a lot of time & dedication. That is what makes the "Folsum" attack so good, it's learned relatively quickly & is very effective, BUT it has the devastating weakness of being too focused on offense.

    FMA is so good because it's a much more complete system than the handfull of 1-step techniques that most martial systems rely on.

    My system has 10 extensive lessons with 100s of specific drills.

  6. dajazman2k says:

    I train in FMA, most people consider it the one of the better methods for knife training. However, as my teacher says. If someone pulls a knife on you either RUN for your life, or comply with there demands. Last option should be to try and take them on. But like he says – good luck, you WILL need it.

  7. bae313 says:

    @jdkit I EDC a pistol & 2 fighting knives. I'm quick to brandish a knife if I suspect any chance of a threat. I work late & if I'm @ the gas station @ 3:00 AM & u come humming & bumming u may notice the pocket clip for the knife in my pocket & that may concern u about how close to come towards me as I address u with " I don't have anything for u". If u continue, u get shown the 2nd knife I have palmed & warned, "come closer & I will skin u". When this has happened, they grumbled, BUT they left.

  8. bae313 says:

    @jdkit I don't think they are "common" anywhere nowadays. They r more common in some of the places I like to visit, like the Philippines, & they are more common in some of the places where my students live/d, like Haiti. Also, carrying a knife in a foreign country is a much easier to facilitate than carrying a firearm (especially for non citizens in a civilian role).

    The tough part is having a knife out when u realize the threat already has his out. Awareness must be your 1st line of defense.

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