Skallywag Tactical D2 Dagger Demonstration | Episode 3



Michael Donvito from the Close Combat Institute tests the D2 Dagger and gives honest feedback on if you can slash with a dagger. Michael also talks about the …

11 thoughts on “Skallywag Tactical D2 Dagger Demonstration | Episode 3

  1. grizzly forge says:

    I saw the skallywag both
    at blade show in Atlanta 2019 and you guys were so knifes to me and I fought about get a knife at you both that cost $800 and you might remember me I picked up knives and looked at how straight that were and I was a kid.

  2. Oliver C says:

    Your products are amazing. You need to start making more YouTube videos and clearly showing the products like this.
    I think you should also start sending you knives and daggers to gun or knife channels to review.
    Social media is the way to go.

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