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Carjackers and muggers often target people when their attention is on entering a vehicle, pushing buttons at an ATM, or locking and unlocking a building/door.

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  1. Anne Galivan says:

    Great tips. Shared on Facebook. We can definitely be too comfortable in hotels and not stay alert. Good reminder that we need to be as much as, if not more so, alert in a "home away from home."

  2. J'Sicka Rabid says:

    As a retired flight attendant who often had to layover by herself, I cannot stress enough the importance of hotel safety. On two separate occasions, friends of mine found a perp hiding under the bed. Now, most hotels have solid platforms, but perps can still hide behind the curtains, in the shower, across the hall, etc. It’s no joke. I’ve not yet seen the rest of your vids, but I’d love to see some hotel security tips for anyone traveling alone, esp if encountering a perp in your room. Thanks for the great info!

  3. Linda Gregory says:

    After entering your hotel room
    always lock door AND lock second security device on door.
    If there isn’t a second security device on hotel room door
    leave the hotel room. It’s not safe.

  4. deamon54 says:

    There is another term; environment(al), goes with surroundings. Use the glass as mirrors to see behind you; car, building (glass doors)
    windows, chrome frame around ATM's . Dale should use his peripheral vision to check that door to his right,seeing it ajar;pull it closed and hold it while his wife opens their door and goes in, then goes in himself ,other ways as you showed. There is the quick spin to the left, gaining control of the gun (most important), rear choke hold with free arm. Not to tell how to do anything, giving ideas of other ways.

  5. Dave Lupica says:

    i have been doing deliveries in the East side hood of Cleveland for over 40 years . Keep your head on a swivel , be aware of your inner and outer surroundings . Move with authority , do what needs to be done. When approached respond loud and clear to make your communication understood . The con man will ask for time or something they want to sell ,a watch, drugs , a woman . The answer easily understood , as your moving on along (I don't get paid till next week). I move a short distance then glare back to make sure I'm not being followed .If I can ,I make eye contact to let them know I'm wise to the street. Young punks strung out on drugs is a different story ,say a prayer and fight like Hell>

  6. JL Boss says:

    Very good advice and training. I am a retired bounty hunter. I carry 2 of the highest voltage stun guns with me wherever I go. Back when I worked I never carried any weapons.

  7. Loanword Eggcorn says:

    Thanks guys. Situational awareness at all times in public. I like that Dale moves the same way with or without a weapon when clearing a room. It makes sense since it's pieing the areas and potential openings that gains us awareness of our surroundings.

    And of course as Joseph's shirt says "I am the weapon."

    But your greatest weapon is your brain. Use it. Maximize it. Always keep learning too.

    Dale looks incredibly good for his age.

    Thank you both for kicking ass on our behalf.

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