SINZA – Knife Spinning

LIST OF MOVES BELOW WARNING~ WARNING: DO NOT use sharp knives! No reason to get hurt just for play. Use dull knives or dull them with a file. The skill …

22 thoughts on “SINZA – Knife Spinning

  1. Shorjok says:

    hey sinza, i don't know if you're still reading the comments on this but i'm still struggling with the basic finger roll. does the ring finger [4] need to come into contact with the knife to spin it? I originally tried learning the spin from "TheCombat KnifeThrower"'s video and have been practicing is for ages but it seems that the ring finger always gets in the way and stops the spin from being a smooth single motion.

  2. GotDramaAllergy says:

    Won't want to touch the blade like that on knives I use.Be running to Urgent tricks for throwers with most edge on point.Just as I typed that you mentioned point being more pronounced.Practise makes perfect,you have some neat ones down pat.Thanks for sharing,best luck on your competition's..

  3. Bailey Gibson says:

    That is not how you spend the night he's doing that shift for fun it's something he taught himself. Because my husband does professional knife spinning and he makes it look crazy. and he never grabs the blade unless he's going for a throwing grip.

  4. Ada Ipotesti says:

    Hey Sinza, your tutorial is awesome! sad cuz low quality of video camera, but who care.. you explain very good, thanks for share this! already watched second time 🙂

  5. sinzalaflesh says:

    I agree. This was spur of the moment at a request of a friend. Had I really planned it out I would have filmed lot of extra footage and then edited I down t only show the good parts. I have a couple videos planned for the future. I'll make a much better tutorial and I've also been working on a 30-60 second routine set to music- very fast, all moves both hands, no drops, one take. It's not easy. Something I'll have to continue to practice.
    Thank you for your comment.

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