2 thoughts on “Simple Self Defense Story

  1. Helen Bailey says:

    There is a famous case of a woman named Curtescine Lloyd who was attacked in her home one night by a man who was going to rape her. He removed his clothing and threatened her with the words "do as I say or I will kill you." Instead she remembered the story of a woman who fought off a man by grabbing and twisting his testicles, and she decided right there and then that she was going to do the same.

    This is what happened next, in her words:

    “He stuck that thing (his penis) in my face, and it sticking straight out. So I grabbed it with my right hand and twisted as hard as I could. Then I noticed them things hanging down (his testicles), and grabbed them with my left hand and squeezed as hard as I could, and twisted them the opposite direction.”

    It was her quick thinking, bravery, and knowledge of where the most vulnerable parts are on the male body and how to attack them which enabled her to get away safely. She escaped to safety by quickly grabbing and squeezing his balls even though he was much stronger than she was. He actually ended up begging her to phone the police while she maintained a cast iron grip on his balls.

    As far as I see it, it's always best for us to fight back. The best parts to strike on a male body are his eyes and his testicles. We as women have a wonderful natural advantage over men in combat due to them having such delicate and sensitive testicles and we should take full advantage of this.

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