SIMPLE KNIFE DISARMS- Luke Holloway in the UK

Footage shows Luke Holloway’s seminar at the Fighting For Lives Charity Event in Birmingham organized by Dr. Parvez Alam and Hosted by Boon Mung Mee.

11 thoughts on “SIMPLE KNIFE DISARMS- Luke Holloway in the UK

  1. mistermiah21 says:

    Hi Luke, great video, you make it look so simple to disarm a knife. I'm in Birmingham, I would have loved to have gone to this. I do Krav Maga, however I'm considering cross-training in FMA -Kali/Escrima, is this similar to what your showing? Cheers

  2. ToraJutsu01 says:

    I've pin pointed what i like about Luke's approach to knife fighting (and combat in general) He is about causing an EFFECT. He says "mashing the hand" Not performing technique X, or varying it with technique Y. Mash the hand to remove the blade however you can. Prey on an anatomical weakness of the human body, focus on the effect of your actions, not the technique you use to cause it. Possibly the most to the point effective mentality one can have for combatives. Great vid and great approach!

  3. harr77 says:

    Great techniques coming from the firearms world. A lot of guys like to carry a folding knife as a backup to their gun but I'm worried about the second motion to get the weapon into action. I'm leaning more toward straight blades since I could go right into your techniques without a second motion. Would you say learning with a straight blade is best or can you be equally good with a folding knife?

  4. Raw Combat International - Official says:

    @sevendeadly69 thats a pretty personal question dude.. The answer to both of them is yes. I work in security (mainly protection work now but used to bounce a lot) and having to defend myself and others on the street and in court was just part of it all.. But I tell you one thing.. If it wasn't working for me, I wouldn't waste my time with it!

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