Silat Suffian Bela Diri – Knife Defence and Knife Fighting

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42 thoughts on “Silat Suffian Bela Diri – Knife Defence and Knife Fighting

  1. Calogero Fiore says:

    The techniques look good, but look where they start from. Reality suggests this is not how a fight will begin or attack, there is also the element of shock once you get cut first, and so yet again not realistic.

  2. TheSilatiger says:

    best knife systems in the world,many military special forces learn from silat/kali,navy seals,delta force,foreign legion etc,my mak guru was jungle warfare instructor for the legion,cuban commandos,and indonesian commandos-to those who say it doesnt work lets see your method and we'll judge it,to guy who got mugged by two machete wielding thugs,these vids show that both are armed,you werent so you made a wise choice in giving them what they wanted,a trained silat person with a machete will beat two thugs with machetes,no sweat

  3. sunbin64 says:

    These are training drills. I like them. Unfortunately, the kind of person who is going to cut you is often the kind of person who will attack you without warning. Once you are cut, the body is going to go into shock. Best thing – don't be there. I know, sometimes you don't have a choice. But in general, you can try to organize your life so you won't be in places where those kind of people hang. BTW, most knifers expect a block and will immediately cut whatever you block with. 

  4. AJB679 says:

    It's a sensitivity and reflex drill..its a small but important aspect of training. To all you "knife specialist" know it alls, how do you expect to be able to defend against full on attack if you haven't trained and developed the skills and attributes needed to execute a proper defense ? Silat has been used in combat against foreign invaders, bandits etc for centuries it's obviously an effective art

  5. aye says:

    @LogicGateBrain yes you are right, anyway silat have a lot of different styles and special skill in several places only some of the same skill can be learned for use in legal tournament.

  6. MyBrainParty says:

    Silat is DEADLY martial art, fcssing on dfendng against deadly atk.
    Unlike Kungfu or TKwonDo,
    U will never c silat actual deadly moves in TV. N some of the skill r kept SECRET wthin mmbers n fmily as it's dangerous to b in the wrong possession.
    I grew in family whose evryone know this martial art, but nver c them show their skill anywhere for this 20 yrs accept for training.
    I bet silat tend to loose in tournament with another martial art, bcoz they cant use most of their actual skill.

  7. Point do Colecionador says:

    last week a fucking idiot comes after my money when I was coming home and he was with a knife he tryed to stab me in the back but I take his knife I don't know how but When he was like come after my back I catch his hand and tome his knife then he run away

  8. DreadedGuardian says:

    If you're not really familiar with the art and/or its application, it's easy to misunderstand the drills. None of the movements are blocks, but redirections. They are not meant to stop an attack, but guide it to a specific location for a specific purpose. Blocking, especially with "more opposing force," is generally a serious error, as it requires wasting energy (due to strength and force expended) and time, neither of which can be spared in any confrontation, let alone one of this kind.

  9. dkrto says:

    I sorry about your experience. but these guys are not doing a choreographed dance it is a drill and this is the way you learn to move with a knife… and you dont have to be a master to stand up to people armed… even a basic self defence course may be able to help…. I have never been attacked by a couple of guys with machetes but I have been attacked by a group of thugs with a stick…. and i didn't run or anything I just stood my ground… you see, they prey on those they see vulnerable

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