Silat Suffian Bela Diri – Joint Dislocations & Takedowns

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37 thoughts on “Silat Suffian Bela Diri – Joint Dislocations & Takedowns

  1. My Gears 4u says:

    For me the high level in the martial art is Silat. I realize that after I became Teakwondo, Karate and Muay Thai student . So sad and now learn Silat/Buah Pukul Mersing/Lian Padukan.

  2. hassan abdullah says:

    Brueni Silat …hmmm I see some sancues and v-arnis princples in play here starting with the footwork,inside sector,outside sector ,V stepping shoulder and hip balance,is key with waist and the upper body and hip alignment ,,trapping the lead foot,circular arm movement ,protecting the center line with the defenders lead hand intercept and parry .Then striking with the rear hand and redirecting the opponents energy into a sweep,off balancing ,lock and take down OUsh.

  3. soniater says:

    this is not work in street fight… the only work in street fight is brave heart what ever you learn in martial art will end if no brave to fight with enemy.. the skill you learn to take down you enemy is ok but it will work if you keep it and wait for the right time to use for example when you struggle that time you can apply your skill to enemy ….fight with your own way like the tiger they never learn the martial art but they fight with brave and strong strike all use the weapon that they have claw and teeth and we with punch, kick, knee and elbow use it all…

  4. TheSilatiger says:

    kun tao,indo,kun taw,filipino both mean kung fu-think this Bruneian silat probably originated in java-the Javanese kun tao is from shaolin kung fu,mixed with silat=kun tao silat

  5. Marc Vince says:

    So many people see  one or two videos  on some form of Silat, and 90% go "that wouldnt work on the street." Maybe they would be right the way its been handed down. But this stuff I am seeing would work very quicky and painfully becuase I already have the counter move, there are Chinese guys who do arts like Baji,  a few others that develop tremendous tendon strength so their range of motion is much different than a normal persons. So, for me…the millisecond I see the guy is not reacting to anything I am doing to his joint, at least his attention is there….big mistake. Because then I just feel it….Id likely come in low with a Hsing-I kick flying with my back leg with the power coming from the floor as I kick, as my heel scrapes the ground and brings up all that ground energy into his shin, it probably snaps, and down he goes. And he is still holding his wrist!

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