42 thoughts on “Silat Suffian Bela Diri – Axe Fighting (Hachet / Tomahawk)

  1. Big Pat says:

    I like historical method of axe fighting. keeoing the axe momentum going and not changibg direction quickly is key. preferably making a large figure eight stretching from side to side. it'll be hard for an opponent to strike with a barrage of axe blows flying at him. its an axe so it anything it touches will be crushed, broken, or removed. he's wasting a bunch of energy with all those fancy moves

  2. Jose Ssegovia says:

    I dont know if I am not strong enough or if my axe is too heavy but I cant seem to swing the axe as fast and choreographed as I hoped. Its as long as my whole leg and it has a flat spike for digging on the end. are the length and the spike on the back probably why the axe is so heavy? I am relatively strong, able to curl 40 pounds and bench at least 100 but I just cant get passed clumsy use.

  3. varsam says:

    too much moving and overkill 😀 just use the weight of the axe/hamer and its allmost imposible to be stoped. thats the charm of axe/hamer much more effective than sword. 

  4. Kyle Blank says:

    Impressive, but in a real self-defense situation, do not repeatedly hit your opponent. Once they go down, then stop, unless you want to go to prison. The law doesn't care about what the martial art says to do, it only asks the question, "Did you use the absolute minimum amount of force necessary to be able to defend yourself?" Hitting your attacker multiple times after they are down constitutes an assault. And that's in the U.S., let alone in the U.K, where self-defense is much less protected.

  5. VyzahFX says:

    Silat is basically assassination, this is because silat is seen as a form of killing and is labeled as one of the dangerous arts. 🙂
    Also not a lot of people not know about it; I practice Silat Harimau with a bit of bela diri. 🙂

  6. Simon Bourdin says:

    Well, it's a little more complicated than that. Axes don't "glide' through a body, indeed, but they can simply break through by sheer brute power, then allowing you an immediately following blow. I mean, look particularly at the two-handed axe blows. Those don't need to glide through the guy's body: they can get the same result by cleaving through with the brute force of the blow. Same thing with the tomahawks: the strength of the blows can well bring them through the soft spots aimed for.

  7. deathcon300 says:

    well, even if you're practicing an empty handed style they teach past the "finish" just in case you miss (the axe is an unwieldly weapon ) or they dodge/block, wouldnt you want to know where to go next instead of having to make it up as you go? muscle memory helps in a stressful situation, regardless of weather you need it or not

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