Silat Power Strikes – Silat Suffian Bela Diri



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28 thoughts on “Silat Power Strikes – Silat Suffian Bela Diri

  1. rich808 says:

    <bow> the coconut… 7:18 i have heard of such things but never saw it i was told to wrap a coconut in a t shirt and punch it. thats what some guys foreheads feel like but dayum

  2. RLFD F&D says:

    I saw the word Tariqan and Suffian in the video.
    Is it by chance ?

    Tariqa is a Sufi term. Sufism is an Islamic science of understanding ourselves and humans and sprirt combined.

  3. Dan Diamond says:

    Mr. Maul! Sir I have to say that just in the short time I have watched your videos. Your way of teaching translates very well!
    I think I could spend months learn from & with you on skill developments!
    Gumagalang Magmula sa Puso Salamat Po

  4. Awad Eisa says:

    I am here to talk about why You should not share your people skills in teaching those who are not worthy to learn such martial art as it used by them to hurt others in this examples US forces and many other. Mr Silat , these knife compat skills are used by many rutheles secret service and compat units in the colonial armies to humilate and kill people in the third countries. Look at Israeli , they created what is called Crav Maga which is a mixture of compat sport. They use it in combat terrorisim i other words killing Palestinians.

  5. CRUZEOO says:

    7:42 imagine if you strike this to the head, the strike looks innocent but deadly, you can actually have an internal bleeding

    the best part is not a trick, its not a movie, 1 strike kill is possible in the world of silat

  6. Victor Pineda says:

    there is no such a thing perfect martial arts but if you’re good practitioner you have to believe you’re doing the right thing to nurture youre mindset.Quick eyes and action is the bottom line.Muay thai and tae kwon are more popular because of offensive motives.Karate is more easier to perform than kung fu because it is more simpler to do .Anybody perfected their martial arts is hard to beat.More likely muay thai or tae kwon do will beat you.At certain time in japan judo aikido was banned because of dangerous outcome

  7. uwais qorni says:

    Mohon maaf kpd tuan sufian beladiri..sgt berharap ckup2la dibuka keunikan kelebihan buah rahsia bangsa melayu yang unik ini..jgn la diturunkan kpd bangsa lain,silat identiti melayu rahsia gerak pukul org dlu2..jgn dibuka,igt mereka itu bangsa penjajah!tlg sy merayu bg pihak pejuang2 guru2 terdahulu.. berhentilah lah tuan ini bkn caranya mengharumkan nama silat seantero dunia.jgn digadaikan rahsia gerak pukul silat ini dikernakan wang populariti semata.maaf sekali lg.

  8. Deaf Diabetic says:

    I am not having sufficient funds to come and visit you. But i am amazed by silat. I am from Serbia and we need a scool for this amazing Martial art. I consider not to be violent, just self-defensive. I am a diabetic on insulin whole my life but i,ve had some fights where i was really effective. I would like to train silat. Thanks for the videos.

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