Sifu Sergio presents Sifu Wang Zhi Peng Ving Tsun, throwing techniques

Sifu Sergio Iadarola presents Sifu Wang Zhi Peng Ving Tsun Throwing techniques …

29 thoughts on “Sifu Sergio presents Sifu Wang Zhi Peng Ving Tsun, throwing techniques

  1. nexiscyh says:

    when someone demonstrate slower or softer viewers say wing chun useless or sucks. now an expert does it faster and more forceful viewers say the master should not take it so hard on the students wtf, can't please anyone right. so watch if you like it, if you dun like it dun watch and stfu…. and nobody is saying kungfu, karate or wing chun is the best. it is another form of martial arts and a master showing their knowledge and skills… it is the practitioner that will take the martial art to another level not the other way round. Can't teach a pig to win in mma can you? It is a very important culture in east that one learns martial art to build one's character and not be over competitive and become arrogant hence a true master's in the east usually just teach and not do it competitively so that arrogant people do not use it to bully the weak.

  2. True WingChun says:

    Also note that Chinese Wrestling isnt quite the same as Chi Na.  They have some similar movements…  But Chi Na has specialties dealing with grabbing digits, and locking people in painful positions.  Not just merely throwing the Op.  Each method has its own benefits and usages. And just like that Sifu says.. pretty much all Chinese arts have all forms of combat.  Hits, Takedowns, locks, throws, wrestling, etc…

  3. True WingChun says:

    The Sifu is highly skilled in Chinese Wrestling, and seems ok in WC (though, Id have to see much more of him to know for sure). Very few modern practitioners get to this level of skill, to make techs work correctly… as they are not patient enough, nor persistent in hardcore efforts. 

    Just remember, that pushes & throws may looks pretty, and even can hurt… but they are still the "Nice" thing to do. 

     The True WC devised method of life and death combat, is lethal strikes, ending the attackers life in a mere second or so.

     Regardless, its good to see another fellow high level player out there.   Ive been fortunate to play with at least two artists in this skill class.  One of them was even far more skilled than this Sifu, having a much greater depth of knowledge and flawless applicable experience… even under high speed / high pressure, heavy contact sparring.

  4. Dan Iacobescu says:

    I have a question, is there such a throw in Kung Fu similar with the one we see in Aikido (and other martial arts, like different forms of Karate and Taekwondo), the one Steven Seagal shows a lot in his demonstrations? I mean, since all other martial arts, like Karate, Taekwondo, Aikido, were all drawn from the Chinese martial arts, I always figured that such throws had to exist in Kung Fu as well, but so far, I haven't seen any Kung Fu practitioner doing such a throw or anything similar to it. Is there sucha  a throw in any of the many styles of Kung Fu?

  5. valgorlin says:

    If I'm in North Metro Detroit…how do I find an Wing Chun organization that is committed to this authentic understanding of it? I used to be under a Benny Meng Lineage or follower… I want that authenticity again.

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