Shuny Bee – Khukuri Knife [7 Angles of Stabbing] (Gorkha Martial Arts)



Shuny Bee demonstrates seven angles of stabbing techniques with the tip of the khukuri knife.

10 thoughts on “Shuny Bee – Khukuri Knife [7 Angles of Stabbing] (Gorkha Martial Arts)

  1. Catalin Balan says:

    This is not ok man. First thing when you will meet a hard surface while stabbing with a kukri is that you will cut your fingers. You don't have a guard to protect your fingers while sliding.

  2. jabara83 says:

    im so happy to find this channel!!! I love my kukri as a bushcraft tool, and as a martial artist, I feel like I should at least know a thing or 2 about fighting with it.

  3. Barry Smith says:

    those stabs will of course produce serious wounds, but the gurkhas would 'advance a pace', (like the spartans, w/ their short swords, shields), & do much closer work, lots of stab&twist-out; your long thrusts just weren't done in the epoch of gurkha, indian-subcontinent warfare, as bucklers, shields, were almost always used, which brought the opps' ranks very close, as was throughout the entire history of organized warfare–until full-plate armor made the shield, buckler, obsolete; then the euro sabers became the design, which fighting then was done w/ the sword-arm very much more outstretched than ever before, due to the elimination of the shields; so now everyone wants to do saber-type, long-range dueling thrusts&cuts; except throughout the pacific rim island MA, where most sword, knife, moves are w/ the sword-arm very much more bent, nearly 90degrees; then theres the kukri in grappling, another great subject to pursue

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