Should You Store Magazines Loaded Or Unloaded?

This is a quick video that shows it doesn’t hurt a magazine to leave it loaded over a long period of time. The 2 magazines I shot in this video had been loaded for …

41 thoughts on “Should You Store Magazines Loaded Or Unloaded?

  1. TacticalAdv says:

    Its the cycling of springs which causes tensile loss. Under compression a good spring will survive a loooong time. With crappy springs your mileadge may very! Hey, I spy a really cool backplate on that gun!

  2. cz luver says:

    The only new, out of the box gun that has ever failed me was my Gen3 G19. Same problem of stovepipes as the Gen4 and it would reliably do it even after the instructed (by Glock support) "break-in" period. It's why I would recommend an M&P over a Glock.

  3. R L says:

    The only thing that will weaken metal is repeated movement, now plastic mags are a different story I have had a few mags stored for only about a year and the plastic feed lips opened up on me.

  4. wildmutt1978 says:

    I just went through this with one of my firearms. I was getting malfunctions with three (3) separate magazines (Its a Sig, with factory Sig magazines so by no means a cheap bran). I changed the springs out and have had no problems since. Upon comparing the springs there was a huge difference. I can send you a picture if interested. The mags were approximately 15 years old. Just food for thought…..Thanks for posting vids!

  5. Sean Dingle says:

    Mag spring failure generally comes with use. In my experience, leaving mags loaded with constant tension on the springs will not produce failures. Repeated loading and unloading of mags is the culprit. Just my two-cents.

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