Shotokan karate based training techniques freestyle knife vincent mester

Just some simple applications using shotokan basic moves and putting them together for a more flowing routine… Before you start messaging me with your …

10 thoughts on “Shotokan karate based training techniques freestyle knife vincent mester

  1. Jesse brit says:

    If you don't need to block don't do it it's better not to be there at all if the punches coming move out of the way only use blocks as a last resort when it comes to my fighting if you don't have a knife you're pretty much going to get stabbed if I was the guy without a knife I will try to you something that I have on me to help like my belt my jacket or my shirt

  2. Jack Randles says:

    Very good. One peace of advice I will give is that your students arms are a little bent in the elbows when punching oidzukey and yakazuckey. they also have a hole like a teapot shape near there hip. unless you have adjusted your style then there arms must be straight just like a blade when attacking, as well as the fists being tight to the hip without a gap. These factors may seem small but they contribute massively towards the power rate. sorry about the spelling, im only 15 but a dansha myself

  3. buddy says:

    This is what real time shotokan is suppose to look like. Your practice rigid, and in real time fighting your muscle memory allows you to be swift and fast. Shotokan blows away Kenpo anytime.

  4. Belida Uckun says:

    You've made your karate so efficient it looks more lie kenpo or kune tao or jujutsu, it isn't ponderous and wide open like shotokan (a Do form of karate) or power dependent. It is now Karate Jutsu! I like it.

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