25 thoughts on “Shotgun Myths and Tactics

  1. Timmy D says:

    That 20 gauge is full choke bud, MAYBE even turkey, try again with a modified choke or cylinder bore like a normal home defense shotgun.. this guys a fucking idiot.

  2. Mitchell Mitchell says:

    You clear rooms when your in a team. At home, there's no team. Get quiet and wait in a room, in a corner adjacent to a door and wait. make a nice welcome surprise for mister intruder. Im not trying to hunt or deter, if your in my house, im trying to KILL. simple as that. 12 gauge to the face from a dark corner will make a nice little surprise for mr dead fuck.

  3. Z.K. K. says:

    Another know how back woods Rambo. Yeah, from 1 inch you would get pattern barely bigger than your barrel size no matter what the load. Use flared blunderbuss to get big pattern from 5 yards Rambo.

  4. eugene bell says:

    Very good video. I think lots of the shotgun fantasy comes from the old cowboy shows like Gunsmoke. Now Gunsmoke was a great series but that martial carried a short double barrel. The idea was that Sheriff Micah was getting old and he needed something that would really spread out. This video was very informative.

  5. brian8445 says:

    Buck, bird, pallet and slugs will all make it through the wall. Secondly, to be honest this video wasn't very useful. I mean talking about size penetrating doesn't matter. The purpose is to take the intruder down whether you launched an RPG at them or used a shotgun. Not to be a doc but more into could have gone into this like what's better, shotgun or rifle? 9mm or 45? Blah blah blah. I learned more tactical skills in Police Explorers then this video. Sorry dude!

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