33 thoughts on “Short axe fighting techniques

  1. Dom Sow says:

    The clip at 3:26 was hilarious. Yes the axe allows one to harass the opponent, but the swordsman could have thrusted his sword under his shield without having to think. He kept his sword behind his shield.

  2. Joshua Tyte says:

    This has to be a joke making fun of HEMA practitioners… Best line: "When this kind of skill is added to extreme strength and stamina, no other weapon is a match for the axe."
    No other weapon, eh?

  3. Eric Saxon says:

    A real swordsman would have shish-kabobed him, while he was swinging his axe. This is dumb. The sword is never at the side, the blade is always ahead of the shield, swinging an axe like that, would just get you dead.

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