Shorinji Kempo (JAPAN) Against knife (edited version)



Shorinji Kempo (Japan)

One thought on “Shorinji Kempo (JAPAN) Against knife (edited version)

  1. Shorinji Kempo Japan says:

    Shorinji Kempo is not just martial arts, how everyone used to think. It's not just strength and a good punchkick. This is, in principle, a different life! I never thought of myself as weak person. But! My life really changed when I started studying. It was 6 years ago, 3 times a week, month after month. I can say, it's really hard work. Believe me, these are not empty words! But if you want to change something in your life, and dramatically, watch the video about Shorinji Kempo, read the articles that you easy can find on the Internet. Everything is in your hands, friends! I am convinced that the people involved in Shorinji Kempo are one family with a belief in world peace! So let's be together!

    I wish you only peace and happy life!

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