Shooting Tips: 22 LR Subsonic Ammo vs standard 22 LR Ammo

Here I show you the difference in sound between a Sub Sonic 22LR and a standard velocity 22 LR. The difference in person was more significant than can be …

28 thoughts on “Shooting Tips: 22 LR Subsonic Ammo vs standard 22 LR Ammo

  1. youmaus says:

    I do competitive Target shooting and there are a couple of advantages to using sub sonic from an accuracy point of view. For one thing there is greater care taken in load consistency by the manufacturer. Supersonic .22 go trans sonic somewhere between 60 and 70 yards and grouping will spread after that. So at 100 yards even though the sub sonic will need more adjustment for drop, the groups will be tighter.

  2. Candle Snuffer says:

    The subsonic is more about accuracy then anything else. The accuracy comes from the subsonic not having to transition the speed of sound like high power .22 does which causes a wobble in flight when transitioning from high power to subsonic.

  3. joracer1 says:

    When I shoot aguilla subs out of mt 24 inch barrel savage, the hammer click is all you hear…..oh and the sound of the bullet hitting the target. Click—thump. Comparisons fliping a quarter on carpet is louder.

  4. Highjak86 says:

    My lil bro has one of those CZs, awesome little rifle and very quiet even with standard ammo.  That subsonic ammo is perfect for that bolt gun.  Good video, bud!

  5. SuperTruckerTom says:

    Thanks to your video I bought a CZ 452 Ultra Lux for myself.
    My neighbor thought I was shooting a pellet gun as well.
    I only use CCI Standard Velocity for practice.
    For some CMP Rimfire Sporter I have tried SK and Eley standard velocity.
    It is very quiet. I did your test with alternating Stingers and Eley Club.
    The point of impact at 50 yards was about 4-6 inches different.
    Great reviews. Awesome gun.

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