Shooting: Mossberg 500 Blackwater Cruiser



This is just some fast shooting at close range with the tactical Mossberg 500 Cruiser! This is the Blackwater edition and it is an excellent compact size for home …

26 thoughts on “Shooting: Mossberg 500 Blackwater Cruiser

  1. Rod1Malkin says:

    thanks for video!   Questions: can you remove the breaching muzzle cap?  Also, it seemed to seize up on you a couple of times near the end… was that a problem with the pump action, user error, or???

  2. Skinny Shooter says:

    I have shot the Blackhawk Knox stock and didnt care much for it, I haven't had a chance to shoot the breacher grip but I know it has a spring in the grip that is supposed to pull the recoil downwards. But because I have not actually shot it I can't give you a legit answer. However the hogue tamer is very comfortable and gripy and the rubber cushion and palm swell makes it very comfortable and reduced felt recoil a lot. I shot over 100 rounds of mixed loads and had no pain in my wrist and hand.

  3. Skinny Shooter says:

    That's a sexy shotgun, I love the breaching barrel on it. I love pistol grip shotguns they are fun to shoot but take alitle more skill to use but are defiantly effective when deployed properly. You seem to have your shit squared away, being able to hold the gun up near your face. You should look into the hogue tamer pistol grip it is the best grip only option I have found and is affordable. Keep up the shotgun vids

  4. zzzombiez says:

    I like the Nitro Steel 1 & 3 that's intended for waterfowl – the waterproof crimps can be nice too – a great over-the-conter solution – no need to go fancy with larger steel shot unless you are reloading, I reckon, but I enjoy your improvisations, Brother.
    The duckbill choke is ugly, but the one I have can be adjusted to vertical plane or horizontal – I like vertical with the pistol grip, horizontal otherwise. Vertical is good for breeching and quick shots under cars. – Mike

  5. Leonidas Knives & Gear says:

    Very cool – I've never seen a duckbill choke in person! And I have always just thought steel shot was primarily for shooting ducks and geese, thanks for that info! I will have to make sure my buck is steel and I may grab some nitro steel game ammo.

    Hahaha but that sounds good – when you are gonna go in, go all out!!!

    Glad you watched, rock on my brother.


  6. zzzombiez says:

    I love my old pistol grip 500.
    Haters are going to hate on it, but oh well – I've got a duckbill choke on mine.
    I like steel shot for multi-level and hallways – steel can like to bounce around on oblique wall shots. – good for tearing up teams outside of direct line of sight, if you take advantage fast enough. Get in there with your long knife and hawk and take their shit.
    Why be Lethal when you can be Biblical, I always say.
    Righteous video, again.
    – Mike

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