Shooting Drills: Bill Drill

Are you bored of just going to the range and shooting? Try the Bill Drill. Use your imagination and change the drill up to suit your fancy. While I know there are a …

23 thoughts on “Shooting Drills: Bill Drill

  1. bonesoncampus says:

    another good drill that isnt exciting but helpful is the one hole drill.  you can start and finish the day trying to shoot 5 or 6 rounds into one hole to keep an emphasis on accuracy.  you can mix things up and have an accuracy day then a speed day to help bring them together.  Changing the distance does the same thing, easy fast shots up close followed by long slow shots.  It helps to see how fast or slow you need to go to get good hits.

  2. whaleblueprs says:

    40-odd ounces of pistol and 40-odd pounds of shooter. Who says a full-size pistol can't be used to train people with small hands and stature! Seriously though, it's a treat to see you and your children getting out together, my kids never developed a taste for the outdoors or firearms. Enjoy!

  3. William849 says:

    Nice to see you passing on the outdoors and shooting culture to your son. My dad and uncle started me shooting when I was seven. It remains some of my most enjoyable family memories. That was nearly sixty years ago and I still love the outdoors and everything related to shooting, etc.

    Really enjoy all your vids – stay strong.

  4. aedimmick says:

    We do one real similar to that. 5 seconds, 5 shots, all while moving diagonally rearward from 7-10 yards. Its a blast. And staying in the a zone while moving and under the pressure of a time is a challenge… not impossible but definitely works you.

  5. Denny Rector says:

    Really good exercise to do. Glad to see your son enjoying it too. He a good shot at close range. As he gets older he might be better that you. I went out today and practiced and a good time. Used the Witness 9mm and 1911 45 acp. Of course practiced with my new AR 15. Have a good evening and God bless

  6. shannonandsheila1 says:

    I dont know if you have noticed crockett but I was amazed straight off. Not just saying it because its your son but go back and watch the point where he dry fired that last round he had absolutely no flinch or pull or anything. Starting them young like that saves them alot of correction for themselves later in life, it becomes natural too them. At a young age is absolutely the best time to teach them as by nature their brain is geared towards learning. Tell him excellent shooting for me would you!?!?!

  7. EricBrownWins says:

    Ahem… but you need some steel targets to make your videos more awesome.

    Aaaand it just so happens me and a buddy recently started making and selling AR500 steel targets for cheaper than anywhere else.

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