Shoot-Through Bayonet | Special Forces Stealth Tactics | Tactical Rifleman

This week we change gears a bit, and we are going to show you a new tool that is available to some of our SOF operators. It’s pretty straight forward in the video.

41 thoughts on “Shoot-Through Bayonet | Special Forces Stealth Tactics | Tactical Rifleman

  1. Ryleigh Pearson says:

    Getting to the point where your AR needs to have a hypodermic needle attachment incase you end up working as a Private Military Contractor at Jurassic World (basically Dino Hunter, Jurassic Operator, Blue-Raptor Rescue Squad Team-Member, DIno Food with BB airsoft rifles equivalent, The list can go on….) and you need to get IV access to an Argentinosaurus huinculensis or the shit scary Spinosaurus to push bathtubs of drugs & fluids in the cranky fuckers; all cause the boss has invested billions into bringing the huge fuckers back from 100's of millions of years ago, where 'mankind' couldn't possibly have the time/greed/power tripping mentality for our pathetic wars (in comparison). What I'm trying to say is, this comment is about as useful as the IV bayonet. hahaha
    A regular bayonet on your bayo lugs is fine to puncture or if needed, quickly put 3 stabs into it making a triangle hole. Most guys rock with a Combat Knife on them, as well as a bayonet

  2. MrHellotherehowareu says:

    It sounds like a good idea. Probably made by someone who never shot someone. I'd imagine stabbing someone with this would result in blood going into your barrel potentially clogging it. Also, when you shot it, that thing rattled like crazy. In rapid fire, I'd imagine the bullet trajectory changes, maybe even keyholing. Also, why would you need to deflate the tire when you can just shoot them out?

  3. Archer Mcfinger says:

    it's cool and all but if you are being stealthy like then you are probably at a unit where you run a can and if it's at night you probably have a can to go with your nods, like 10 years ago this would have been tits, even the batt boyz all have cans now. really cool though and even though it is simple it looks like alot of work went into it

  4. Rich Domestico says:

    I would like to see some of the disrespectful shitheads commenting on here get "poked" with that.. Show this man some respect, for what he has done and what he is doing now.

  5. Sal1n1ty says:

    Ventilating a body with it seems more suiting. Ringing up tires doesnt seem wise given the fact it could bend just enought to interfer with removal or worse the bullet trajectory,

  6. ubtaz says:

    Can achieve same thing with copper pipe next if their is a chase vehicle I would not simply flattent it's tires in less than 15 minutes tires can be patched rotated ect

  7. Gavin Kisebach says:

    I'd pay $30, but not $150. GG&G used to make a tire deflator that works the same way but is hand held. It was about $30. I think this is FAB Defense trying to match the insane money that people are paying for linear compensators and such, but FFS take some copper tubing, sharpen that shit, and wrap some 100mph tape around it. Done.

  8. bravoboy1234 says:

    Haha, they wouldn't have to chase after you bro they would've caught you while you were changing attachments and stabbing tyres….love your videos mate, just thought I'd have a laugh.

  9. J says:

    Now I have an image of a bunch of Green Berets executing a stealthy snatch and grab, now running down the street, giggling and stabbing tires, like 'teheheheheehehehe'.

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