20 thoughts on “shocknife the ultimate in knife self defense

  1. REAL KRAV MAGA says:

    … i try with shock knife… is not realistic in many situations. it's good for defense blocking but don't work in threats. for a complete training rubber knife – wooden knife – real knife.

  2. scopeophile says:

    you're right – they act like knives.. but you can't really go round slicing up students until one of them gets lucky (or you get sloppy) and they perform a perfect disarm on you… so someone designed a training device that was a COMPROMISE … you still get pain, but you have no risk of bleeding to death when your training drills go a bit wrong….

    true it's not perfect – but it's not as stupid as using chalk or something like that that is nothing like a knife at all…

  3. naughtiusmaximus222 says:

    A FANTASTIC idea! I was wondering though – many leverage based disarms involve the use of the forearm to apply pressure to the flat side of the knife (usually while controlling the thumb).
    Do you still get shocked from this?

  4. DP says:

    I have trained with this knife and it definitely works. It gets the adrenaline pumping and hurts like hell. This is as realistic as you can get without using the real thing.

  5. iamtotalhatred says:

    I gave you a thumbs down because you're trying to be a know it all. I wouldn't slam you up against a wall. Also, I wouldn't pull a knife on someone unless I meant to use it, so I guess when you remove the ignorant thug mentality, all arguement is void. Unless you consider the japanese guy who randomly stabbed and slashed 15 people (june 13, 2008) killing 5 of them. Sh!t happens dood.

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