Shocknife Knife Sparring

Burton “Lucky Dog” Richardson shows the benefits of sparring with the …

50 thoughts on “Shocknife Knife Sparring

  1. NoLimitBaka says:

    This is all good, don't get cut, avoid it.
    But there are people out there who don't care, who rush you even when knowing that you got the same force on your hands. They will recognise your fear and use it against you. The more you back away the more you make your true intentions clear to them wich is to avoid getting hurt.
    Someone who rushes you full force going in for the stab will have success landing it if you back away slashing at their arm. As the damage you deal to them wouldn't be enough to stop them as they stab you and then easily follow up within their momentum.
    So all this training with electric knifes doesn't help you if you don't take risks as there is no such knife fight where noone gets cut. You will get cut, but at least make sure that you take your opponent out with receiving the least amount of injuries yourself and that won't work if you back away dealing less powerful strikes against a rushing opponent.
    Sometimes you can't get away, sometimes you need to fight. This shocking knifes will provide you with a way to deal with these situations yet you aren't using them as if you were in a situation like that so what is the point?

    Might as well spar with real, sharp knifes if you aren't going to engage anyway noone gets hurt

  2. Sean Reed says:

    Great video, love those shockers, have to get a pair. When I spar I have 2 modes. One, I am much more defensive, often changing to a blade down grip. However, I like to also be more aggressive sometimes. I come in and do some serious damage. I do this with other experienced Kali guys and yes, I catch a cut or two, but deliver 6-8 of my own. Granted, in a real fight I do not want to be touched, but I like to be able to destroy something if need be. I am a knife sparring fanatic, seriously obsessed with this art.

  3. Jacob Glaze says:

    When you have that idea of "I don't want to get hit at all" is great. Because what I don't like about sport versions is that they like to rush in and trade. But with those shock knives there is fear of getting hit. Which is realism to a point, Because your not gonna fight with a sharpened knife in training…but it's still sucks when you get hit

  4. JingShenKuoshu says:

    Burtan, your knowledge and responses are really great. It's good to see someone who treats knives with the respect they demand. There really is no such thing as sport knife fighting.
    Good stuff man.

  5. John Ferriss says:

    Well, I loved this right up to the last second.  Obviously, you don't want to get cut.  But I thought one of the skills of knife combat was to accept minor cuts to land a fight-ending cut.  For the record, however, it's best to practice knife fighting as if the knives are real.  So yeah, it's awesome practice!

  6. IamHueGraves says:

    I've always been taught and believe very strongly in the idea that the longer the fight lasts, the more danger you are in, so even if it might seem kind of stupid at first glance you should rush in to try to get the surprise advantage and to minimize the amount of time you are in a dangerous situation where something could easily go wrong if you just both try and do the small strikes to the arms, I've also seen that in a real fight, no matter what anyone tells you, people don't drop their weapons just because you cut their arm

  7. notf noio says:

    i always train like it's real, otherwise what's the point?    For this reason i dont like sport eskrima very much, the contestants run wildly in and wail on each other strike after strike, because they have pads and sticks.  Fight like that with no pads, against knives, swords, or heavy batons, and you'll get killed really fast.

  8. ronisworld2 says:

    Master Burton, those are really beautiful knives! those electric sounds that they make really gets you aware of the strikes your opponent is making. very nice vid! hope we have those babies in Luneta!

  9. JohnnyBoyCali says:

    Thanks, I try to train as much as possible.Videos like yours help out a lot. It makes me mad liberals in states like California and New York do not allow law abiding citizens to carry. What makes me most upset is they could just require more proof of training but instead they deceitfully deny everybody. Thats one of the reason I moved to Nevada.

  10. JohnnyBoyCali says:

    Yup sir you're right. Just the other day here in Las Vegas some idiot randomly stabbed four people including a 16 year old boy, 56 year old woman and a 20 year old woman. I removed my comment because it does happen. Thats why I have my conceal permit and carry every day.

  11. Combative Concepts says:

    Great Vid, Virtual Blade is an awesome training tool as well, with it you can not only see the cut depth and length, but also watch when in the fight you go to total gross motor movements. I suggest two different colors. Thanks for spreading the Arts.

  12. Burton Richardson says:

    True that a knife fight is extremely dangerous and that you will surely get cut. I would caution that getting in a lethal strike is not easy at all against an aggressive attacker. That is why we go for the knife arm.

  13. MorteWulfe says:

    Also when I trained in Okinawan style way back, my sensei told us that the worst fight ever was a knife fight because no matter how good you are, you are likely getting cut, and the idea was to choose where you might get cut while getting a lethal strike on the bad guy.

  14. scopeophile says:

    this just sums up just what I have been saying about knife-defence training; the tools are flawed up to a point. The shock knife being that point… there was a NOTABLE change in how they reacted to getting even the slightest of touches with them… which compared to the first round with those toy-town bits of foam is a completely different 'game' altogether.

  15. darkwriter77 says:

    Awesome! Never heard of these until just now. (Shows how much I keep up on things, huh?) Excellent idea, sort of like the knife equivalent of paintball or simunitions with firearm training. Gotta wonder how someone first came up with the idea for this. Maybe a couple of guys dueling for fun with a pair of stun guns…? Now, if only someone would come up with an upscaled version of this for sword combat training… 🙂

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