44 thoughts on “Shivworks Clinch Pick- Combatives

  1. Chauncy C Menz says:

    NIce work, and damn this made me pick up my CS Mini-Tac right away. One thing I'd be interested to hear aboutwatch a vid about – is the time spent and thought processing behind using blades for defense or "PROTECTION"…
    reason being, I'm more worried about carrying my knives (any type, for any application) where I currently live because the draconian knife lawstown ordinance—which can basically make anything a deadly or concealed(both) weapon. While I am intent on moving – I just do not feel safe carrying any knife no matter its length, purpose, or whatever. It has really taken a lot out of the joy of being a person who appreciates knives for their purpose, for practice, for aesthetics, for use. etc… I literally carry a non-locking utility knife now (cuz locking folders and fixed blades are WEAPONS in my area) and yeah its a flash light as the main defense. Oh no, no clubbing only bright lights here……. ugh…… 1st world problems.

  2. C Moore says:

    Man Southey is my bro ! I have a wide array of his blades. I've been into reverse blade technique for some time. It's the ONLY knife defense I use. Great to see your videos on it. Practice practice practice….

  3. Doberman144 says:

    As a retired LEO, I carry the Ka-Bar TDI .. My training in judo /Jujitsu blend well with it.. The TDI it is lighting fast, very concealable and is readily available online .. Rich, I received my DVD on Survival Escape and Evasion .. Love it, excellent info, well worth the money .. My LEO buddies think I have gone off the deep end as I lay back and practice picking the collection of locks I have recently acquired .. Thanks again and keep it coming .. God Speed ..

  4. Tyler Price says:

    Clinch pick (china pick) is great, wear mine every day. Clinch pick at 11:30, G19 at 12:30. I'll be honest, haven't trained with it. If I ever have to use it, it'll be like a Singer sewing machine. Keep sewing til the gush becomes a trickle or until the assailant gets the F off you.

  5. Shinobi HOG says:

    Yeah man, I like a fixed blade too for the reasons you mentioned. I carry the ka-bar tdi retention knife. I bought your DVD. There's some really great information in there and I'm going to study all those skills as much as possible before I go to France. Since I can't carry weapons that knowledge could just keep me alive. I'm recommending to anyone who will listen…….

  6. scott sherman says:

    This is a cool looking knife and all, but honestly, I regret buying mine.  I had to use it to fend off a really tough attacker the other day…and this attacker was completely un-armed, so I figured that I'd have the upper hand for sure with this knife that was designed for close quarters self defense…..nope, she still kicked my ass…this knife didn't work!

  7. Tyler Murphy says:

    Nice blade, one I would not buy though personally, reason being in an engagement unless you train! this style of self defense with the cutting edge on the Riverside of most other self defense blades instincts would likely take over and you'd be scratching your opponent rather than cutting them. ? Do they make a version that is double edged, good looking knife. : ) Tyler

  8. PREPFORIT says:

    Very good close quarters combat knife.
    ALL photos I have seen of different special forces show soldiers with small nasty lookin blades. Not one bowie style to be seen .!

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