Sheffield Fairbairn-Sykes Commando Knife: ‘Made’ in England? Twas never made dear sir

This is the one sold on Heinnie Haynes (a fantastic company), just a shame about the knife. Pattern Three with the ring grips Cheers, and brutally honest …

26 thoughts on “Sheffield Fairbairn-Sykes Commando Knife: ‘Made’ in England? Twas never made dear sir

  1. eric leber says:

    sharp knives that cut paper generally have some type of hollow grind on the blade. fs  is just  a flat blade. there is a similar to fs a gerber mark 4 maybe or something where the blade is scooped out not flat and they sure look mean.and physcics says they cut paper and everything in sight when sharp. my fs the secondtype has the same little hole type thing where te blade meets the guard on one side.but no space where blade meets gard. the blade can be a little uneven on mine they are handmade that's to be expected. it seems to be a lot more like a real one than you think

  2. Andre F says:

    well it is a 30 quid knife so what did you expect? looks pretty decent for that price tbh especially since it's made in England. what steel is it made of? have you tried sharpening it? many knives are shipped blunt for safety reasons and it helping to keep the costs down.

  3. Kieran Morris says:

    I just bought mine today £25 silver few dents and the blade is slightly obsided but I cut my self just opening it it came with a metal high quailigy scabbard I'm really proud of it for its price.

  4. aj863 says:

    Lol, YES as it has been stated by several people, these are supposed to be sharp, and you are supposed to sharpen them yourself post purchase. I do agree that it is shitty of J.NOWILL & SONS to ship them out this blunt when they are charging ~£40 for a simple knife. At least the high carbon steel is good, and will hold a good edge.

  5. Marine0331 240B says:

    Im sorry that you were not happy with this knife, but i can tell you that a "bloody Englishman" I served with in Afghanistan owned this exact knife while we were deployed and he was very satisfied with it ( I sharpened it for him ) and i can tell you it holds a good combat edge, but YOU need to know how to sharpen it. Any knife needs work to be "combat ready" but once this knife was resharpened it made me wish I had that instead of my issued bayonet. These are not toys for show they are tools made to kill and thats what they will do very well, just clean your kit and keep it sharp and you can rely on it to do its job very well.

  6. KarmaBomb says:

    I just did a bunch of research on this knife. According to an old paratrooper, it was supposed to not have sharp edges. The point isn't to cut, but to thrust. I have the same knife, it had a small bent tip on it, but I'm cool with it.  Not certain what you were expecting.  Please post if you found out something different.  nice video…

  7. das says:

    it's a stabbing knife mate. it only has one purpose. It's a
    cheap war time issue. it's not meant to be pretty.  It’s designed to punch it to soft tissue.
    Punch through a ribcage to catch the heart or hook a kidney or liver  leaving an enlarged  exit wound. 
    If it breaks you’ll get an new one if you make it home.  Cost to the soldier a 5 bob fine, if RQMS is
    not happy about giving you a new one. You think the mod issued soldiers with
    handmade cutler knife lol.  An even then
    they never issued most of those made. That’s why there are so many  sparkling new looking ones.    They were made  UK ww2 war time and just after.  The soldiers got a tool that kills
    efficiently.  Just a cheap nasty knife
    for killing. Not a flashy arsed Rambo knife. 
    Run that on a stone  then get the
    biggest bit of  beef or mutton  with bone it it  rap it in leather and stab it. Leaver from
    side to side pull it  out and you’ll be
    horrified at the wound channel. The bit of cheap shit works as stated.  it not designed to cut rope, chop wood.

  8. Mid life says:

    Hey mate, I have a bright blade version, obviously it is 5 years on. It doesn't have the damage you pointed out, on that you are quite right. I got it for the design and the price not to take out as I can't see what I would use it for. Have sharpened it up and for the price I am more than happy. Maybe the quality control has improved.

  9. fawtz says:

    Some fs knifes will have a slight gap between the guard and blade. Its normal. Even if the blade was plush water would still get in. Fs knifes are designed to be broken down and maintained. Hence the thread nut on the handle. Easy fix.

  10. stabnshoot says:

    There's a Fairbairn Sykes collector resource (can't post a link) that says the reproduction made by Windlass Cutlery is the closest to real examples of third pattern FS daggers.

  11. Southpaw Moose says:

    sooo you're not a fan, got it. its sold for around 65 US. here in the states. which isn't crappy knife price. my KBAR was about the same. All in All I think I'll be looking elsewhere, thank you.

  12. Carthago Delenda Est says:

    You should know these knives don't come with an edge before you buy the knife. If you can't sharpen a knife learn and if you can then sharpen your knife when you get it, Never owned a knife i didn't need to sharpen out of the box. Even a Mora can be touched up.

  13. Robert Hill says:

    Am looking at the same knife (exactly), this very instant. Agree 100% with this review. Don't even put this in my collection, it's no more than a lookalike. On operation, you'd be better off with a sharpened stick. I'm led to believe these are issued unsharpened but mine doesn't take or hold a decent edge, heat treatment is poor (if any), fit and finish worthy of the worst Chinese factory. Sheath is utter crap, flimsy, cheap with rivets that scratch the finish and an elastic band that's now like a wizards sleeve. If you want a good FS replica, look elsewhere, the Nowill version is a ringer. Is now around £70 ($100) so is even worse than this review suggests. Such a shame we (the British) created such an iconic and effective knife then ruined it with these crappy copies. However, have to say that Heinnie Haynes is the best UK blade retailer bar none.

  14. Ilya Makarov says:

    Anyone familiar with the Fairbairn method of knife fighting knows that slashes are a big part of it, so the "bluntness" of this knife is inexcusable. Regardless, I just received this knife–along with the Britain MOD survival knife–and they are both pieces of crap. I am extremely disappointed with the quality and workmanship of both knives. Anyone interested in a great fighting knife would be better off buying the Gerber Mark II and a Kabar Marine combat knife as a backup survival/utility blade. If you know nothing of knife fighting or are just looking for a "show" piece, this Fairbairn knife will work out fine for you. But, if you're an experienced knife fighter, you'll be wasting your money on this absolute pos knife. I guess that "Sheffield made" just ain't what it used to be.

  15. Andrew Milton-Cross says:

    I just bought the same knife and the edges arnt supposed to be 'Sharp' your meant to pull your enemy onto it. Not for slashing it works like a bayonet. And don't think about saying I have no idea because I'm young because that's a terrible excuse.

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