Shawnee San Soo – 16: Tomahawk and Knife

Dave talks about the tomahawk and knife duo and its application to close quarters combat. FYI: A really good quick read for tips on using the tomahawk can be …

27 thoughts on “Shawnee San Soo – 16: Tomahawk and Knife

  1. abraham seras says:

    if the person could have a gun if so throwing the hawk if done properly should kill and if dealing with two opponents one covering while the other is on point stabbing the man on point with the knife in the neck and putting him in the way of the second shooters using a human sheield you could throw the body into the shooter and then strike him while his down or throwing it can work too if begins to draw throwing the tomahawk at his lower extremeties which have a lot of nerves can cause a temporary lapse that can allow you to close the distance if not the legs aim for the torso if the wound is in line of sight the brain will double pain signals the first signal that can be ignored the impact pain signal and second the line of sight signal that the body is injured throwing a tomahawk into someones thigh or chess has  enough stopping power for you to get the drop on them. shinobi did this or ninja with throwing stars against targets with early firearms to close the distance the hit major nerve bundles with them or any area where pain will have a lasting effect on someones focus. then they close in and kill them

  2. Richie M says:

    Reminds me of the Plains Cree Nations and Cree Nations martial arts called Okichitaw! We use the Gunstock Warclub/ball head or full moon warclub/knife/lance/spear and tomahawk as well as non armed combat! Pretty cool, are you teaching any of the young(First Nations)men who are traditional?

  3. entropy156 says:

    Very interesting.  As a fan of tomahawks and a practitioner of San Soo since the late 80s, it's fun to see two of my favorite things combined.  Looks like I might have to break out my Vietnam tomahawk and Bowie knife and run some forms…

  4. SavageInsight says:

    Throwing weapons is more often Hollywood, right? – The only historic reference I know for throwing axes were clans of Nordic Tribes who threw them in large numbers like archers.

  5. SavageInsight says:

    I can help vouch for that – Arma and the Scandinavian Historical Martial Arts Society have been examining techniques like that for a while (punching while holding a Rondel Dagger, A Scythe, etc), so there is international support for the biomechanics involved n.n

  6. Deadpoolicious says:

    The moves at the very beginning are probably BEST executed if you have a tomahawk in one of your hands so that when you get into your enemy's personal space, like your chest vs his chest are at-least 2 inches away from each-other, Then you can take higher action and sever an artery or something..

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