Shaolin Temple Double Daggers – Knife Training

Shaolin Temple Double Daggers – Knife Training. I will be uploading the beginner knife training, self defense, fighting, and form (Kata or Taolu) of the Shaolin …

33 thoughts on “Shaolin Temple Double Daggers – Knife Training

  1. Robert Devey III says:

    This is… not kung fu. It's a sham. He's making money off people while real instructors don't have students to pass on real kung fu. I'll do a video on true shaolin dagger material, for those interested.

  2. Bron Braxatoris says:

    Toto je na mna moc toto je totalny kokot ale co uz…..Sorry but what you present it is total unusable it is ok you believe for this but explain people who learn this and use for selfdefence…..yes ok this people never told you nothing bad becouse they are DEAD

  3. Kung Fu & Tai Chi Center w/ Jake Mace says:

    In the meantime train these Double Dagger and Knife Skills with me!  You only need a pair of spoons, butter knives, or chopsticks!  Train safely but go through this set with good stances, power strikes, and explosive energy!  Picture your opponent in front of you!  Hopefully, you will never have to fight for real and your training will only be for confidence, fitness, strength, endurance, and fun!

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