Shaolin Self Defense Martial Arts Training



You do not want to try and attack this Shaolin Monk. He has some of the best martial arts training ever!

6 thoughts on “Shaolin Self Defense Martial Arts Training

  1. Judo Life says:

    I dont think that has changed much even now if you go to ground in a real fight, every incident I have watched, at times before intervening, (as security or just interested bystander) have been the same.
    It is foolhardy to go to ground or you can get kicked or stomped or something, they were all fluid situations with lots of untrustworthy drunks around. Everyone didnt know martial arts but they knew not to stay on ground. Its primal survival.

  2. ChamorruWarrior says:

    I would say, when these arts were created they focused on getting the other person onto the ground while you're standing over them. Nowdays in sport fighting the ground fighting is taking over with rules being in place it's easier to do. But back when these techniques were created being on the ground meant people could kick you, stab you, you might be getting put onto the street or a rock or whatever in a battle where you would be trampled to death.

  3. Judo Life says:

    Wonderful technique….
    Amazing that with all the chinna and grappling aspects to this monks counters, that Chinese Martial Arts are still so strike focussed. Comparably there are few specifically grappling based systems.

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