Shaolin kung fu combat: 32 catches (qin na)

instructor: monk Dejun, from Shaolin temple. The complete set of Shaolin kung fu video tutorials: * Shaolin kung fu training: …

46 thoughts on “Shaolin kung fu combat: 32 catches (qin na)

  1. EliteBlackSash says:

    Many of These are out of context. It’s not for use against striking. Kungfu doesn’t come from a “Boxing” tradition, that’s late history. It comes from Jiao Wrestling tradition. “Grappling counters Striking, Qin Na counters Grappling.“ The arm outstretched is from the clinch, not from grabbing a punch out of the air. I‘m not sure you will see a lot of this emphasized in JJ or Judo, because of disqualifications. But, you Will definitely see some of it in Catch Wrestling.

  2. y1arsen Всеволожск says:

    Что за бред кто может кулак поймать во время драки и вообще ерунду много показывают тут видно что мастер реальной уличной драке не участвовал

  3. TMA Revisited says:

    HaHaHaHa Whenever someone calls this "bullshido" I have only two things to ask from them; a recorded statement that they will not call the cops or sue me, and their arm! I promise you, this stuff is 100% REAL! LoL

  4. TMA Revisited says:

    I was taught very similar techniques when I studied aikido. The similarities are uncanny in many cases! I adore qin-na as it utilizes the same basic "technology" as kyushojitsu (which I happen to teach as regional director of KJWA – USA #shameless plug lol). While qin na is mostly associated with grappling, Dr. Yang Jwing Ming does state that striking the points is also part of qin na. Those techniques are best known as "dim mak" but I tend to use the term "dian xue" instead because so many frauds have latched on to the other.

    Oh, and these absolutely can be used in real life situations, and absolutely can (and are designed to) break bones and dislocate joints! The fundamentals of aikido will give you the skills to do so, and I am sure that qin na is taught with the same, or similar fundamentals. Namely, blending and unbalancing are what you are looking for. Combine the techniques with the right kind of footwork and weight-shifting, and this stuff stands a VERY good chance of neutralizing a threat extremely quickly!

  5. iamJahwill says:

    All these big talkers who naysay real discipline,and call people they dont know fools are the ones that end up dazed and confused on the ground after some little guy touches you in the right way. I love those videos as mush as one like this that show real wushu techniques. Thank you sifu Dejun, i look forward to watching more of your excellent work.

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