Shaolin finger hand functional grip strength

Building finger, grip and functional hand strength can be easily done with two simple things. Bucket and sand. Get a farm bucket and 50 lb bag of play sand.

40 thoughts on “Shaolin finger hand functional grip strength

  1. Jake De Crem says:

    I'm studying wing Chung and will put my body through conditioning and seriuse training over the next year I need information to study wots best and economical for my time I will get up at 5 am and train till 7-8 am and 2 hours before bed 50% of that is conditioning for hands four arms legs neck and skull,

  2. Jake De Crem says:

    Hi I have a question, How long do you have to do it and don't forget open hand grip IE from squeezing to also increase the opening of the hand strength otherwise your hands like an aligater mouth strong on closeing trapped on opening.

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