SF Tomahawk Fighting – Psychology of Axe Warfare



This is a sample lecture from Rich’s Special Forces Tomahawk Fighting DVD. It will give you an idea of the intent and nature of this unique training program that …

26 thoughts on “SF Tomahawk Fighting – Psychology of Axe Warfare

  1. Letz says:

    The Norman's were know for their axe warfare. They hurld the axe at the enemies and run behind it.the axe tumbles in an unorthodox manner the enemy could not time,and would get cut or thumped by the handle as it skipped accross the battlefield. The Norman's would retrieve thier axes and finish the job

  2. Brye Cooper says:

    I was just looking around youtube for fighting tomahawk vids and yours is the first, the irony is you are using the same Cold Steel Trench Hawk that I train and teach with, its a fantastic piece of kit. Many of my fellow martial artists and military prefer a smaller handled weapon, but I love the 19 inch Trench Hawk, and utilize it at very close range. I have brought many people around to its value, with the application I teach. Contrary to what Rich says, it is a very sophisticated weapon in the right hands with the right training. It can be used very ,effectively in a very dynamic way, trapping with both the beard (bit) and the spear, slicing, filleting, puncturing and stripping, leveraging with handle and smashing with both the head, side face and butt of the handle. As I said prior, only of course with the right training, conceptual understand of the motion, and physical geometrical understanding, otherwise you will get tied up in knots. Salute.

  3. Krain420 says:

    I almost never use this type of hawk except for outdoor stuff. If it was a combat situation I would use a ball peen hawk/peace pipe hawk. Doubles as both an axe and warhammer making it very effective at dealing damage through light armor or exposed areas. Great video though and excellent advice.

  4. EarlyMist says:

    I fought hard in a re-enactment group called Islendiga. We battled for years in a controlled environment…but we did proper battle. We trained a good six months before pulling our first blows. Pulling blows means you train and train with axe or sword or spear and you learn to attack with what appears to be full force…but you pull your blow at the last second. We did Moomba festival in Melbourne Australia and I died ten times in the street that day….each time believable because we learned when to pull our blows to make it safe and when to let loose and kind of kill each other. My axe…from 15yrs ago I still have mounted on a wall. An amazing tool…wood processing, shelter building, primary or secondary defense pending your scenario. Kudos

  5. Cry Havoc says:

    One thing that my son and I have worked out (using rubber trainers) is to have a knife in your "off hand". The weakness of a tomahawk alone is that your opponent can rush in and get past the head, and go for close in fighting. The Bowie knife in my left hand, makes it very uncomfortable should they attempt that.

  6. Phillip Sardinha says:

    I can see why the barbarian or viking gets so much associating with axe warfare. Like you said the aggression and then following the space you need to unleash that.

    Whereas roman legion warfare you notice packed in incredibly tight formations with shields and no gaps. So spear and short swords became the weapon of choice.

    As an individual a spear and an axe over a sword any day. But with a well trained group….id want shields spears and swords.

    Polearms being an awesome blend to deal with the heavier armor…spear with spikes and axe ends to help deal with even more scenarios.

  7. Clusta H says:

    Awesome. I train with a lot with nunchaku, not because I think they would be particularly effective in combat, but because the aggression quotient needs to be high, and control of the weapon is paramount to avoid self-injury. However, in a close-quarters combat situation I would go straight for an axe or a hammer.

  8. Brent Gogel says:

    I enjoy throwing a tomahawk but would never do it in a fight…. Unless I had 2 Tomahawks lol. If i did fight w one I would have to go berserk. But thats gonna be me w any melee or edge weapon as I am no pro

  9. Erik1970Viking says:

    Hey Buddy, quite interesting thoughts that you bring up – thank you. As a long-time axe-user for timber production and bushcraft, i am glad to hear you Point out some aspects of the weapon character. Good Video..

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